Stroom Festival Nijmegen. Cyanotype by Ralf Jacobs

Electronic music festival

4-5-6-7 June 2024

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Take a listen to the stories behind electronic music at Stroom festival. This year from Tuesday, June 4 to Friday, June 7, audiovisual performances, live-sets, talks and films can be seen at various locations throughout Nijmegen.

For one week, Stroom festival immerses you in the world of electronic music, club culture and the art that springs from it. We dive into the creativity behind this music culture and spot new developments in the genre. We dwell on different (digital) possibilities to listening and making music. At Stroom, artistic innovation is central. To fuel this, space is needed to create, play with conventions and experiment with technology. All things that Stichting Sinus – the organization behind Stroom festival – is committed to. We find it important that the pleasure of making and discovering music is shared more widely. That is why you can find Stroom in various Nijmegen cultural centers with a program of diverse disciplines and genres.


Stroom Festival Nijmegen. Cyanotype by Ralf Jacobs


Tuesday 4th June​


Zeno van den Broek

LOCATION: Radboud Impact Festival - Erasmusplein

TIME: 12:00 - 18:00

Zeno van den Broek is a composer and artist who explores the ​intricate relationship between humans and technology. Through his ​audiovisual creations, he delves into how our interactions with ​fabricated environments shape our experiences. His audiovisual ​installation ‘Under the Surface’, that also featured at Schemerlicht ​festival and Rewire festival, will be shown during Radboud Impact ​Festival on the 4th of June. Under the Surface is based on ​underwater recordings made by postdoctoral researcher in ecology ​Frank Collas, in the Waal (just outside of Nijmegen)!

Check out his work here.


Zeno van den Broek

Wednesday ​5th June




Thomas Jaspers & Laura Heinig, Amos Peled, ​Ralf Jacobs LOCATION: LUX | TIME 20:30 - 22:00

Documentary filmmaker Laura Heinig, who is looking for a story to build around images, has been following Thomas Jaspers’ experimental journey. Last april, both of them did a week long residency @debasisnijmegen during @goshort film festival. The resulting film will be shown for the first time at Stroom festival in LUX.

Phantom Limb (2023) is a project exploring the enigmatic and poetic relationship between a human being and the black box that is their interior through the use of a medical ultrasound machine. On Wednesday 5th of June, Amos Peled takes the stage in Lux where we can observe his ground breaking medical performance!

Ralf Jacobs is the visual artist behind the artwork of Stroom festival. Ralf can best be described as a photographer; he writes with light. By combining different photographic procedures and images, he creates a new reality in which time becomes a tangible presence. Ralf can tell you much more, and he will do so at LUX, where you can also buy some of his work. Afterwards you can find Ralf and his harmonograph at club Mesh on the Vasim where you will get a look behind the scenes in his 'live open studio'.

Thomas Jaspers en Laura Heinig
Amos Peled
Ralf Jacobs

Patricia Kokett (live)


TIME: 00:00 - 01:00


Midweek minirave! The music of the Lithuanian producer Gediminas Jakubka, who turns into Patricia @patricia_kokett on stage, balances between borders. Patricia Kokett blends rave with mysticism, futuristic industrial with shamanic noise and various reworked voices with hypnotic output. With his 2020 debut album ‘Bizarr’ (12” vinyl) on Dutch Knekelhuis imprint, Patricia Kokett quickly proved his knack for creating transcendental, immersive sonic experiences.

Before and after the show you can see Ralf Jacobs making his cyanotypes live in his open studio in club Mesh. Ralf creates his cynotypes through software that mimics the swaying movements of an ancient instrument: the harmonograph. A computer-controlled laser then projects this image onto chemically treated paper, creating a "blueprint": the cyanotype. The basis for his patterns are sine waves. In doing so, Ralf uses the same source from which virtually all electronic music originates.

Come and experience the magic!

Patricia Kokett




Acid Solder Club (workshop)

LOCATION: Extrapool

TIME: 20:00-21:30

Acid Solder Club was founded by electronics and soldering freak Veerle ​Pennock in 2019 in Utrecht, The Netherlands. It started with an idea and ​wish for creating a new type of makerspace with a focus on DIY ​electronics, hardware hacking, sensors and interaction, electronic ​instruments and interface design, modular synths and of course most ​important: soldering!

Acid Solder Club’s aim is to be a communal playground, where through ​various meetups and workshops, knowledge and skills regarding ​soldering, repair work, (DIY) electronics and much more can be shared ​amongst the community. From hermit basement hobbyists to social ​butterflies, both young and old, beginner and advanced, artists and ​musicians, looking for a new technological skills to conquer and master!

Jonathan Castro (live)

LOCATION: Extrapool

TIME: 21:30 - 22:30

Jonathan Castro Alejos (Lima, PE) is a graphic designer and ​multidisciplinary artist based in Amsterdam who works with sound, ​video, installation, and performance. His explorative practice ​oscillates between the real and the fictitious, assembling and ​reassembling collected raw materials embedded with different ​qualities and identities to reconstruct them into surfaces, objects, ​visual languages, and soundscapes. He recently released Radiance ​Loops on Confusion Unit, a collection of field and location recordings ​exploring the idea of “dirty listening”. On the 6th of june, Castro will ​be doing a live set at @extrapoolnl. These recordings, mostly from ​post-industrial and abandoned areas between Amsterdam and Lima ​will be a part of the live set

You buy a ticket for the whole evening, but of course you are free to ​come and go as you please.

Acid Solder Club
Veerle Pennock
Jonathan Castro

FRIDAY 7​th June



Soichi Terada, Roger Geressen (live)

LOCATION: Schouwburg Theatercafé

TIME: 21:00 - 23:00


First up we talk to electronic music composer Soichi Terada the day before his live-set at Drift festival where his charming house music from Japan takes you into another realm. With a distinct sound that originates in 80s and 90s New York of Larry Levan and the Paradise Garage, Terada has continually cooked up his own melodically rich slant on house. For that reason he has always stood out. He has a broad sound palette that is full of humour and real character.

In the interview at de Stadsshouwburg we will hear Soichi Terada about his first steps into the world of electronic music. We will listen to his musical inspiration and find out how the dance world and his way of making music changed over time and. This is a great chance to get to know the celebrated producer that loves the occasional experiment and to hear fragments of the music that inspired him throughout his life.

After the interview of Soichi, Nijmegen local techno force Roger Gerressen will play his music while we connect in a producers/dj meetup at the bar of the Stadsschouwburg Theater Café. Together with Soundlab Nijmegen, we bring together several generations of electronic music aficionados.

Soichi Terada
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Stroom Festival Nijmegen

Stroom festival is made possible by Gemeente Nijmegen, Radboud ​Green Office, Lux, Wiebert, Mesh, Extrapool and Stadsschouwburg ​Nijmegen.


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